Starting a PhD

Autumn has now come and I have taken a huge new decision to write my next novel as part of a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing. This came about as the result of a serendipitous meeting with Professor Martin Goodman who is Professor of Creative Writing within the English Department at Hull as well as Director of the Philip Larkin Centre for Poetry and Creative Writing, who I am fortunate to now have as my supervisor.

After teaching creative writing myself and running a publishing company for so many years, I felt that after giving so much out, I needed to recharge my batteries and get some input and guidance myself. I am tremendously excited about this new project and the challenges it will bring.

Autumn is always a good time to make a new beginning. Think of something you could do to support you in your own writing. It might be to sign up for a course, to set up a group of other writers, or to find someone who will be a guide or reader of your work.



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