Make a Speech

Join us for a launch party to celebrate Gerda Pearce’s debut novel Long Lies the Shadow. Drinks and nibbles from 5.30pm at The New Cavendish Club on Tuesday, 28th June.

Gerda is a┬álong-standing CCWC writer and will be┬áreading from the novel, and talking about what it’s like to finally be published!

We know Gerda well and we know she’s not one for speaking in public, but having your book out there pretty much demands that of one. This article says it all.

As an exercise, think about a situation in which your main character has to make a speech. It could be a wedding, a funeral, a book launch, a prizegiving, a motivational speech, a graduation speech. It could be a speech that they’re remembering or that they’re planning to give. Write that speech. Read it out loud to someone. See what they think. Use their feedback as part of the story. (500 words)

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