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Welcome to our blog. We plan to use this space to give you information about the process of writing, discuss new books we have read, and talk about writing issues which have been raised by our students. In addition, starting in January 2011, we will give you a weekly writing exercise so that you can keep up your writing at home.

This week we have a particularly exciting new venture. We have just published an anthology of new writing from our advanced students of which we are very proud: Words Made Flesh. We intend to make an anthology an annual event and will invite submission of suitable pieces from people attending our courses as the year progresses. The anthology will be sent out to major libraries, to selected publishers and literary agents, and will be on sale from our website and listed on Amazon. The publication of an annual anthology will provide an opportunity for our students to see what it is like to polish a piece of writing for publication and go through the editing process, and it will also act as a showcase of new talent from our courses.

Words Made Flesh CoverWords Made Flesh: Twenty-One Stories from The Complete Creative Writing Course consists of extracts from novels and short stories by some of our current and recent students. The work covers a wide range of styles, settings and genres, reflecting the wide spectrum of new international voices writing in London today. It is edited by three of our tutors, Maggie Hamand, Shaun Levin and Natalie Butlin.

Buy a copy from our bookshop page and see for yourself!

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  1. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality, range and standard of writing. The fact that all the stories are short and of roughly the same length enables you to experience a concentrated selection of different voices all jostling together like a necklace of fascinating beads. Many of these stories hooked me and I definitely wanted to read more. I read this book whilst also dipping into Katherine Mansfield, A E Coppard and Frank O’Connor; the stories from Words Made Flesh provided a contemporary parallel and they suffered no denigration in the inevitable comparison!

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